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Advisor for Student Affairs Leadership Support Association (SALSA: Student Organization, YSU), Fall 2012-Present:

Supervisor for Student Affairs and College Counseling Practicum and Internship, Spring 2012-Present
The Department of Counseling, Special Education, and School Psychology, Ohio
COUN 7004, 7005 Practicum & Internship

Clinical Supervisor, Doctoral student supervisor, Fall 2004
The Department of Counseling and Human Services, Syracuse University, New York
COU 874 Theory and Practice of Clinical Supervision

Mentor for the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) Mentorship Program, Summer 2014-Present:

Mentor for Global Perspectives group leaders working with international students, Spring 2013-Present:

Advisor for counseling graduate students in student affairs and college counseling track, Fall 2011-Present:

Publications with mentees/students

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Choi, K., Cadle, A. M., Madden, R., & Markowitz, R. J. (2013). Multicultural development through facilitating support groups for international students. The Ohio Counseling Association Guidelines, 39(4), 6-7.

Presentations with mentees/students

Choi, K., Riffe, C., & Kautzman-East, M. (2012). The impact of cross-cultural excursion experience on development of multicultural competency among master's level counseling students. All Ohio Counselors Conference (AOCC), Columbus, OH.

Harman, E. R., Protivnak, J. J., Paylo, M. J., & Choi, K. (2012). Promoting the profession: Using technology to advocate future career paths in counseling with high school students. Presented at American Counseling Association Conference, San Francisco, CA.